Ground Water Education: The More You Know

At Ground Water Science, we believe that a well-informed client is an ideal client.  

The more you know about your source water infrastructure:

  • The less likely it is that you will be harmed by a poor decision or mismanaged project, and
  • The easier it will be for us to communicate clearly as we work together to address your groundwater system issues.

Besides regularly speaking at water industry events, Ground Water Science offers professional seminars on a range of topics, including our all-day Ground Water and Wells and Sustainable Wells courses.

We have offered these in person in locations as varied as Ohio, Queensland Australia, Jordan (to stunned and bewildered engineers), and Tanzania. Contact hours or CEU can be arranged. 

The Sustainable Wells course is also offered as an at-your-own-pace online program through NGWA University.

Special for you: We will gladly schedule a customized on-site private training seminar for your organization that is tailored to your needs and concerns.  

To discuss a service arrangement or to obtain a Statement of Qualifications, or to arrange training for your event or focused training for your staff, please contact us.