Capability Statement


Smith-Comeskey Ground Water Science (Ground Water Science) has been providing scientific and training services in hydrogeology and well and drain technology, maintenance and rehabilitation since 1986 (initially as S.A.Smith Consulting Services). Ground Water Science command of rock and glacial hydrogeology is second to none regionally, and our expertise in ground water system biofouling, maintenance, and rehabilitation is recognized and sought out across North America and beyond. We’ve worked on some of the biggest ground water projects in the USA, many local wellfields, and for international clients.

Company Principals:

The partners, Stuart Smith and Allen Comeskey, are certified and licensed geologists and groundwater professionals with advanced degrees. Each has over 40 years of varied, quality, and highly hands-on professional experience. They offer an integrated understanding of hydrogeologic, biogeochemical, and well performance issues. They have contributed to several landmark drilling, well construction, biofouling analysis and well rehabilitation publications.

Professional Services:

  • Hydrogeologic field testing, analysis, and modeling
    • experienced in complex settings.
  • Environmental (biofouling and biocorrosion) microbiology and geochemical testing.
  • Drilling and well construction and well rehabilitation specifications, supervision, testing and documentation – with capability to turn-key.
  • Forensic analysis and troubleshooting for biofouling and biocorrosion of ground water and pressure relief system problems and microbiological well contamination.
  • Ground water system and pressure relief system maintenance planning, training, and implementation.

Selected Clients and Accomplishments:

  • Bureau of Reclamation Technical Services Center. Biofouling analysis, research, and comprehensive maintenance planning for large wellfields and dam pressure relief systems.
  • National Ground Water Association: Training, research, and manual production.
  • Numerous industry, engineering, and municipal clients: Hydrogeology; well construction planning, inspection and testing; forensic environmental microbiology; ground water system maintenance and rehabilitation – solving serious water production and system performance problems.
  • AWWA Research Foundation: Landmark biofouling and well maintenance and rehabilitation research.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District: Wellfield maintenance guidance manual.
  • SOQ with clients available upon request