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While the ground water industry cannot seem to win the discourse over terms, it can set some standards:

After decades of ANSI/AWWA Standard A 100 ruling the roost, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is in the process of publishing a standard for water well construction and development, ANSI/NGWA Standard 01-14. Watch the NGWA web site (see our links) for news of a date.

Update:  ANSI/NGWA 01-14 was published in 2014. It is available from the NGWA.

A 100 is bass boat - NGWA 01-07 is a cabin cruiser. The standard is based on the 1998 version of the NGWA's Manual of Water Well Construction Standards that I had the privilege to edit. The 1998 edition was an update of the 1975 Manual, which was set up to be a well construction standard, but never was formalized as such for some reason. Both the 1970s and the current efforts involve multiple topical committees of seasoned veterans from all over the USA. I had the privilege of working on the well development and well disinfection sections.

NGWA 01-14 was developed in two stages, first developing Version 3 of the Manual of Water Well Construction Practices (not publicly published yet), then boiling this down into the tighter "sound bites" of a standard ("do this, do that"). The result is a specific yet flexible standard that covers the considerable range of practice.

We urge you to use it and make sure your regulatory bodies have and use it. The work will improve the state of the art.

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Tip of the Day

Chlorination is often unnecessary to remove undesirable well symptoms. Try pumping off the well or cleaning the well instead.