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Over the last several years, our Stuart Smith has had new opportunities to provide training in international venues, including:

  • Wellfield developers in Jordan (2012 and 2013)
  • Water Utilities East Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2012) and small-scale training in Dodoma (2013)
  • Project-team training in Jordan, multinational and multidisciplinary audience (2012)
  • Unconventional Gas and Water – The Big Picture in Toowoomba, Queensland (2014) and biofouling assessment training for the Queensland Department of Natural Resources Management Coal Seam Gas management group (2015)
  • The Sustainable Wellfield: An Asset Management Workshop, presented at a workshop organized by the Vodovod-Kanalizacija Ljubjana, Slovania (also 2014)

DUWASA presentationWe are in the midst of developing  a workshop for water and sanitation authorities in Tanzania.

Additionally, we have had opportunities to assist intraining U.S. Army Reserve drillers providing water supply drilling in Ethiopia.

It is nice to give training, but if you wish to (and you are wise), you learn, too. We learn how

  • East African utilities do asset management (often better than USA utilities), use GIS and take mobile payments
  • How advanced Tanzanian practices are in using geophysics in water well siting in difficult fractured rock terrain (and sometimes the weaknesses in their technique.
  • How Queensland government, industry, and land owners collaborate and cooperate to provide baseline water quality information and to monitor for problems with coal seam gas development
  • The Vodovod Ljubjana maintains exceptional product water quality for > 300,000 people using source water protection -- no engineered filtration or chlorination.

Ground water model demo in Ljubjana

It is gratifying to gain experience in making the concept of wellfield asset management and life-cycle cost-based planning translate in various cultures.

This kind of collaboration in training and learning improves our understanding of tasks we face, and gives us that wider perspective. And we get to meet interesting colleagues the world over.

We can supply courses to you as well (in English) and take proposals to develop on-line web-instruction courses.

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Tip of the Day

Turbidity in your well water? Have Ground Water Science take a look at the sample. If the turbidity is caused by biofouling and rock particles, then proper well cleaning will likely solve the problem.