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A distinctly Tanzanian extension of Ground Water Science’s worldwide experience. Drilling a well in Dodoma region, Tanzania

We would like to announce the formation of a new company (now deep into projects!), Ground+Water Tanzania, Limited. G+WT has been established by Ground Water Science partner Stuart Smith and our colleague, Mr. Naftal Mandi, MPH, MBA, as a legally registered limited-liability company in Tanzania. The new company is not a subsidiary or office of Ground Water Science as such but obviously shares some DNA and is modeling our customary care and professionalism in the East African market, where water and sanitation development are proceeding rapidly, but unevenly. We are open for business and managing projects.

Naftal MandiIn the Dodoma office G+WT partner Naftal brings his public health and business education to water and sanitation planning, as well as his teaching and leadership experience at St. Johns University in Dodoma. During his USA undergraduate education time (Bowling Green State University in Ohio), he also gained laboratory, quality control, and fund management experience. Back in Tanzania, he has managed self-improvement business investment accounts and invested in the education of others. He is multilingual like many Tanzanians, and also brings his entrepreneurship (he has been involved in several businesses) and commitment to excellence to the new venture. He is a quick study of all aspects of water project planning and management. 

We also employ geologists for geophysical well site surveys and well logging, engineers for design and construction planning, and tradespeople.

Our scope of operations, partnering with professionals and resources in the region.

Overall water, sanitation, and water recovery systems planning and project management: Assessment of need, providing and engaging necessary professional services (engineering, architecture, geology, etc.), provide specifications for construction, manage the permit and government process, project funding acquisition and management, construction oversight.casing conferencecorroded pumps

  • Water and sanitation project oversight for international donors: Donor-funded projects are an important part of rural water supply development in Tanzania, yet most small-scale donors are remote from the project in space and time and lack experience in-country. G+WT would assess project feasibility, engage necessary services, provide project oversight, and see to stewardship of funds.
  • Inspection: Tanzania currently has a shortage of inspection for restoration of water supply assets such as wells and tanks, pipeline leak detection, and other purposes, inspection during construction of wells, dams, tanks, and sanitation facilities (materials, observing work). G+WT would supply these inspection services on a contract basis.
  • Data collection: Related to inspection – conduct borehole logging (geophysical and lithologic), conduct and interpret well and other hydrologic testing, and soil studies (wastewater infiltration). Borehole logging includes detailed mineral logging. Provide detailed reports to funders and owners.
  • Landscape architecture: “Ground/Water” is more than underground water, sanitation and water recovery development – establishing and enhancing natural settings and developments for soil conservation, natural beauty and comfort, productivity, and all those benefits that enhanced ecosystems, developed in harmony with local conditions, provide, including water reclamation.
  • Training: Recruit and provide training services. We know great people capable of training in many water-related topics, and we have capabilities in Swahili to provide training and reference materials.
  • Import equipment: Buy-sell-lease-represent. We know where to get the best equipment for your needs. Our objective: “We sell Tanzanians no junk.”
  • Build-own-operate: Within constraints, consider offering a BOO option for construction and maintenance of facilities.G+W Tanzania new logo

Besides projects completed and in process, a training venture and a business and professional development visit

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Tip of the Day

Well chlorination only works properly if the well is clean. Biofouling and other in-fill are a source of chlorine demand and should be cleaned.