life in a wellfield

Owning and operatiStu at Rift Valleyng a small business is not always easy in this economy. Especially as we provide services that are not always understood to be essential (but can be) and sometimes thought to be available from anyone (definitely not). We need to keep getting the message out about what we do, and keeping up relentlessly with performance and quality. We have financial obligations ourselves.

But it has its rewards. We, the veterans, spend time on the job site and with every client. So we see the situation first hand and we know our clients' hopes and fears. We see it in their eyes. We also get to travel and contribute extensively to a better world. We don't have to ask the stockholders (we are the stockholders) or the home office in France or whatever to do these activities.

So you may say "that's nice". Why should that make us your next ground water adviser (or specialty subcontractor)?

We remain happy, professionally fulfilled, and motivated. That brings a better experienced ground water adviser to your table and your job site.

Consequently, we do not lose our "edge" while you also gain our experience.

Our wide experience and knowledge of the science allows us to creatively and quickly solve your problem. Since we can schedule to go to technical meetings or do other personal capacity building when we want and budgets and schedules permit, we come to your task with up-to-date and expanded knowledge year by year. With our kind of quality experience (not "1 year, 30 times") we efficiently address your needs. You pay for results rather than someone's steep learning curve (we get a certain number of panicky "pick our brains" calls).

As a small firm, we focus strongly on your project. Your small project is not "below our radar" or delegated to the underqualified. Yet we have the experience and versatility to work on your big project without struggle.

We make good things happen when others give up. We are on something of a mission ... We don't have to do cost-benefit on everything, and boy are we persistent and stubborn.

We contribute "above our weight class" to your water supply sector and what it cares about. Maybe we do too much (but we don't race for global water sponsorsanswer to shareholders). Those values and that contribution does a little bit to make the world a better place and if we were you, we would patronize these people. Those values and that energy and integrity are working for you in your corner.

A small firm like us has staying power. Some small firms suffer as they have enough overhead and not as many reserves as we have to weigh them down when the big firms are bottom-feeding in their markets or when the economy seems to go away, as in the last few years. We can weather tough times and not lose capacity before the next upturn. We are committed to our craft and science, not moving up the corporate food chain, or watching our back when HR comes hacking. Consider giving us a call or drop us an email with your needs, hopes, and fears. We'll also take the time to work through it with you and turn those into fulfillment.