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Ground Water Perspective

hydro at workHere at the well site, where we are collecting valid data to serve you better, we have time to think. Then we write it down for your benefit. Check here on occasion to see what we here at Ground Water Science have to say about various things; wells, ground water, the world... from that underground point of view. We also invite you to take a look at our Ground Water Science page on Facebook where we post news, links, and comments of interest, and attempt to engage in dialog.

St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT), in Dodoma, requested that Ground+Water Tanzania Limited inspect and test three boreholes owned by the University, including an historic borehole adjacent to the university property known as the “railway” or the “Germans” borehole drilled prior to 1915 during the German colonial occupation of Tanganyika in East Africa. Read on in the attached article.

Our visit to a new very modern 30,000-L/day bottling plant being constructed by Dodoma Tanzania Health Development in Dodoma, Tanzania, a Ground+Water Tanzania client. Read on in the article at the link.

Download this file (DIPC Water Plant 3-2018.pdf)DIPC Water Plant 3-2018.pdf[ ]132 kB

Managing water well construction projects (speaking as the client’s representative) requires thorough knowledge of technique, flexibility, determination and durability matching the other participants on the site, ability to communicate under stress, and respect along with projecting authority.

Read on in the attached technical paper!

Ground Water Science maintains a sizable set of web links. That seems so quaint in the era of powerful search engines. In fact, we use Google in particular extensively ourselves and it often provides great results. However, if you also use Bing or Yahoo or other search engines with the same search terms, you notice the difference. There are various explanations, including differences in how algorithms treat search strings. Search engines also steer search based on your past history and where you are searching. There is also the possibility of a commercial influence on results.  Web site optimization strategies also play a role. Some organizations are abandoning web site updates in the era of Social Media. Ground Water Science has also embraced social media (which can be a serious time suck, you may have noticed).

Maybe that unoptimized web site is exactly what you need. Maybe you need a different filter. Now our web links represent an analog (human) filtration process. It is specific to water and ground water in particular. We focus on well rehabilitation and maintenance (asset management), for which we do not find search to be very helpful. Some sites are our past and present work partners, which can be considered an endorsement of quality. 

So check out our list. If you have recommendations, especially non-English sites of value, let us know. If we can get links back, that is best. Old-school we know.

You can also follow our Ground Water Science Facebook page and @GWSHydros on Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Stay informed, friends.

Based on some public education writing in some of our recent work, we offer the attached short summary. Much that is visually unpleasant or smelly in water wells is natural and of local origin. However, the analytical tools are also available to link problems to human-source contamination. Finding these things out does require analysis, which Ground Water Science knows and performs.


Download this file (Micro primer brief general.pdf)Micro primer brief general.pdf[ ]123 kB

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Tip of the Day

Never spray your well top with herbicide to control grass. If grass growth is a problem, use an electric weed whacker, or muscle instead. Pulling weeds is therapeutic.