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A collection of additional resources, including our free technical archive and the occasional Ground Water Perspective blog.  Be sure to also see our large library of third-party weblinks (sorted by topic). Also consider following our Ground Water Science page on Facebook and @GWSHydros on Twitter for current items and news we post at least several times per week most weeks.

hydro at workHere at the well site, where we are collecting valid data to serve you better, we have time to think. Then we write it down for your benefit. Check here on occasion to see what we here at Ground Water Science have to say about various things; wells, ground water, the world... from that underground point of view. We also invite you to take a look at our Ground Water Science page on Facebook where we post news, links, and comments of interest, and attempt to engage in dialog.

Utility ClientWe want this site to be a reliable source of information on preventing problems with wells (and toe drains and anything else that moves water...) and for ensuring that such assets are operating efficiently.

Our goal here is education, and the foundation of true learning is knowing that you need to learn more. Not only is the community generally poorly informed about the technical aspects of well deterioration and how to prevent and reverse it, but many are often unwilling to learn. (We are 30+ years into the well M&R revolution, yet many wellfield managers, engineers, and well contractors are still stuck in the 1970s.)

As in medicine, the uninformed find themselves at the mercy of the Vendor and Expert. There is temptation, in some circles, to offer authoritative-looking brochures (and reports and recommendation letters) threaded with technical jargon but offering conclusions and advice that do not necessarily provide for a long-term solution. Others offer solutions that "always work" (no such thing to date). We want you to become well-informed (as our utility client pictured here has become) to avoid such "snow jobs".

To help you do that, we have assembled this collection of articles and information. As the title notes, this section is free. But our time and expertise is not. So start here and learn as much as possible. Then if you still need more help, please turn to our consulting services, professional seminars, and publications for more solutions.

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Tip of the Day

Without functional control of the land upon which your wells are located, future trouble is likely. Act quickly to purchase all land that is covering the sanitary well radius as required by your state. Land isn’t getting any cheaper.