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Ground Water Science - City of Richmond, MI - Supervise and document attempted well rehabilitation and new construction







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Richmond has a series of deep gravel wells supplying more than 2 MGD, with ground water operations handled by an outside contractor. One well was brought on line years after construction and produced poor water quality. A rehabilitation was attempted, but proceeded with difficulty and well damage occurred. Ground Water Science was engaged to assist the city in its decision-making process and to supervise and document attempted well rehabilitation and new construction.

Office - Western Ohio

Western Ohio (Main) Office
295 S. Lawn Ave.
Bluffton, OH  45817

Office - Appalachian Plateau

Appalachian Plateau Office
22 Edgewater Dr.
Poland, OH  44514

Tip of the Day

While protected ground water often requires water treatment, it is less complicated to treat than surface water and lacks the hormones, endocrine disrupters, and other undesirable byproducts of human contact found in surface water.