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Ground Water Science provided complete supervision of a test drilling, aquifer yield analysis and well siting program in the deeper of two glacial outwash sand-and-gravel aquifer units. Capacity for 1000-gpm wells in the VOC-free zone was identified at two sites and the site geologic profile updated. A new 1000-gpm well has been constructed and tested, and placed in service. A maintenance plan to prevent loss of production due to iron biofouling was drafted for facility implementation. A changing well environment (going to an iron sulfide condition) tested the plan and resulted in the need for recommending changes in the cleaning program and equipment to meet the new conditions in cooperation with the well contractor.

Office - Western Ohio

Western Ohio (Main) Office
295 S. Lawn Ave.
Bluffton, OH  45817

Office - Appalachian Plateau

Appalachian Plateau Office
22 Edgewater Dr.
Poland, OH  44514

Tip of the Day

Well chlorination only works properly if the well is clean. Biofouling and other in-fill are a source of chlorine demand and should be cleaned.