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About Us

Solutions and Expertise for Ground Water, Wells, and Water Supply

Ground Water Science is focused on the science and technique of ground water and how to keep it flowing.  We have been providing hydrogeology, well & drain maintenance and rehabilitation planning and training since 1986 (initially as S.A. Smith Consulting Services). pumping test  Our command of rock and glacial hydrogeology is second to none regionally.  And our expertise in ground water system biofouling, maintenance, and rehabilitation (asset management) is recognized and in-demand across North America and beyond, including some very large ground water projects.  (Learn more about some of our representative clientsand projects - the ones we can discuss - here.)

Our partners, Stuart A. Smith and Allen E. Comeskey, are certified and licensed geologists and ground water professionals with advanced degrees and over 30 years each of diverse, high-quality, hands-on professional experience.  We offer an integrated understanding of hydrogeologic, biogeochemical, and well performance issues.  And we have contributed to several landmark publications pertaining to drilling, well construction, biofouling analysis, and well rehabilitation.

Ground Water Science is a small firm by design.  Our managing principals work directly (not filtered through field staff) with each of our clients, large or small.  Our veterans are not kept in captivity, nor put out to pasture by the new wave HR hobbling our corporate colleagues, but are free to escape the office and take our expertise to the job site, regionally or worldwide, working hands-on with our colleagues in well construction, service, engineering, and water operations.geologist and clients at a well site

We strive to consistently deliver superior customer service by insisting that things are done the right way, by serving as advocates for our clients, and by valuing and maintaining our integrity in everything that we do.  We work throughout North America and beyond, so if you think that we can help you, then please contact us.

More than being merely a sales tool, this site also includes technical resources and links to many more.  And we provide training and a growing list of publications to improve your understanding of ground water and wells - which will make you a better client and well operator.  So take a look around, and let's keep that water moving!

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Stuart’s interest in ground water dates back to his teenage years when, while pulling and setting pumps for his father’s rural Ohio plumbing business, he literally had Stuart taking datathe black and brown products of well microorganisms on his hands.  Later, that experience led to his pioneering work in the application of biofouling methods in ground water system analysis. He also listened to the water cascading in the rock wells of his home country and wondered about the flow of water underground.

Today, Stuart is one the nation’s foremost experts on the diagnosis and treatment of well problems and performance deterioration.  He is a Certified Ground Water Professional by the National Ground Water Association, a Registered Geologist with the State of Kentucky, and has been consulting in the ground water field since 1983.  In addition to his consulting career, he has also worked for the National Water Well Association (now NGWA), developed the curriculum and instructed ground water science and technology at Wright State University (where he developed portions of the WSU IRIS distance-learning hydrogeology training program), and taught biology courses and advised hydrogeological engineering projects at Ohio Northern University.  He has spoken on well maintenance, rehabilitation, and microbiology topics in Argentina, Australia, England, Tanzania, Slovenia, and throughout North America.  In recent years, he has become active in the effort to equip professional water sector capabilities and to develop water supplies in Tanzania and other developing countries. He is currently also a partner in a water planning management company, Ground+Water Tanzania Ltd. and its Ohio-corporation affiliate Earth Water Services Africa LLC.

Allen has been involved in water supply hydrogeology and exploration since 1979.  During this time, he has earned a reputation as an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated scientist who is committed above all else to accuracy, credibility, and honesty. 

Allen outstanding in his field

Allen’s extensive career in water supply hydrogeology includes 10 years with the North Dakota State Water Commission, where he logged 50,000 ft of borehole per year (lithologic and geophysics) while conducting community and county water resource exploration and delineation and wetlands water budgets.  He is proud to have been a critical part of the exploration and mapping of North Dakota’s vast network of hidden lakes aquifer systems.  Prior to joining Ground Water Science in 1996, he worked with Earth Data and LBG Inc. on wellhead protection and contaminant delineation projects throughout Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and New England.

With 60+ years of combined experience, our managing principles have been extensively published.  Below is a list of some of the most relevant examples.

Office - Western Ohio

Western Ohio (Main) Office
295 S. Lawn Ave.
Bluffton, OH  45817

Office - Appalachian Plateau

Appalachian Plateau Office
22 Edgewater Dr.
Poland, OH  44514

Tip of the Day

Well video is a powerful analytical tool. Conduct surveys in color, going in and coming out, and looking both down and sideways. A good time to film a well is when a pump is being changed. Hire a knowledgeable professional to interpret the view.